Capabilities that have made us No.1 in the lock nut industry

We are proud of the Fuji Seimitsu Capabilities that have made us No.1 in the lock nut industry.
The reasons for this are the following.

No.1 Market Share

Fuji Seimitsu continues to run at the top of the lock nut industry. This is the result of earning the trust of the customers with our long record of repeated success and quality, after-sale follow-up, and maintenance services.

No.1 History

The history of Fuji Seimitsu began with the founding of Fuji Seimitsu Mfg. Co., Ltd. in 1962. Beginning from this time, we developed and marketed a patented new product, FUJILOK U-NUT. In addition to growing as a company during our more-than 50 year history, FUJILOK U-NUT and our other products have continued to advance after being subjected to strict inspections.

No.1 Technical Ability

Lock nuts are an essential part of many mechanical products in the world, helping making them more compact, lower cost, and better able to prevent accidents. Fuji Seimitsu knows that we are able to contribute to the advancement and expansion of lock nuts because we possess the latest equipment and cutting-edge technologies, and we approach our work with a corresponding sense of responsibility and awareness.

No.1 Safety

Fuji Seimitsu products include a large number of important safety components. Our employees are aware that we are in the business of more than just selling nuts, and that we are in fact delivering safety and security. Customer needs are based on the demand for safety, and for this reason we ensure that only those products which clear a range of safety standards and satisfy the top level of quality control are allowed into the market.