Aiming to be No. 1 in the World

For us at Fuji Seimitsu, the next step is the world.
Once a company leading Japan, next a company leading the world.



We fill each tiny nut with great dreams as we aim to be the global No. 1.
			Fuji Seimitsu and its tiny nuts contain
			an invisible wealth of limitless possibilities.
			We are working to deliver a higher level of safety and security
			to a greater number of people in more parts of the world.
			The next stage for Fuji Seimitsu is the world.

Future Overseas Expansion

Although at present our only overseas sites are in Taiwan and Indonesia, we intend to actively work for entering new overseas business areas.
We cannot divulge the specific details at this time, but the areas we are focusing on are South America, India, and Africa.
In terms of just the motorcycle industry alone, these markets are overwhelmingly larger than Japan and cannot be ignored.
As the times change, naturally customer needs also change.
In addition to overseas expansion, we are also considering development of new lock nuts to be added to our FUJILOK U-NUT and FINE U-NUT products in order to further meet the changing needs of the future.


We believe that the day is not far off when Fuji Seimitsu will be known worldwide.
			In the future, when the wave of safety concern grows even faster,
			the world will find us at the forefront.
			We aim to make Japan's top standard into the global standard.
			We believe that this is the new mission
			of Fuji Seimitsu.

President Masataka Wada

Mr. Wada joined Fuji Seimitsu Co., Ltd. in 2000 and moved to a Directorship role in 2003. In 2009 he was also appointed General Manager of PT. FUJI SEIMITSU INDONESIA and also assumed the role of Managing Director at FineTex Co., Ltd. as well as Manufacturing & Sales Director Fuji Seimitsu Co. Ltd. Mr Wada is now President of Fuji Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

Little by little, we are steadily becoming stronger. After becoming president of the company in 2016, I was entrusted with the large rudder that steers Fuji Seimitsu and have considered a wide range of ideas. In order to meet the rapidly changing needs of the times, we need to create an environment where our employees can better make use of their abilities. For this purpose, I believe that we must take steps such as constructing a new internal organization, reviewing the working environment, and acquiring new personnel. Fuji Seimitsu will continue to accept the challenge of operating on the frontlines of the need for safety and security that will grow even higher in the future, while also being careful to preserve our history and foundation.