Lock nuts that support the world

It's no exaggeration to say that lock nuts supports the world.
Let us introduce the representative of lock nuts, FUJILOK U-NUT once again.


It has passed over 50 years since the birth.
FUJILOK U-NUT sparked a revolution in the area of bolts and nuts where up until that point loosening had been considered unavoidable.

used at many kinds of places

FUJILOK U-NUT is now the highly regarded as the first name in Lock nuts across all industries from steel structures such as railways and connecting bridges to automobiles,motorcycles, and on up to industrial machines.

The future of FUJILOK U-NUT

The majority of FUJILOK U-NUT are new products that were developed to meet customer needs for safety and security.
As many different industries such as steel structures, infrastructure equipments, and automobiles are continuing to evolve and grow,
we understand that we must always maintain a high level of safety that keeps pace with this evolution.
Never forgetting that we are providing safety and security to the customers, we will continue working to evolve FUJILOK U-NUT and other Fuji Seimitsu products.